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About us


Modern Reflexology Academy emerged from a passion and love for teaching an ancient and unique knowledge. The academy was founded by Frederick Rossakowski, a certified reflexologist, who dedicated several decades to searching for natural methods of self-healing.

In the course of numerous trips around Asia (where Rossakowski spent several years), he studied various meditation and breathing techniques as well as natural medicine, including Ayurveda. He was also a student of the oldest Psychotronics College in Łódź, where he acquired knowledge of the interactions between people and the surrounding world. But it was reflexology that eventually became his passion.

Frederick Rossakowski worked with feet in his hometown in Częstochowa since the 1990s, continually refining his knowledge and skills, but he defended his official higher education and the highest possible diploma in this field in 2020, in London. His teacher and mentor was Hagar Basis, a reflexologist famous all over Europe, who pursued the original method of Eunice Ingham.

The Modern Reflexology Academy program emphasizes both knowledge and proper practice, as well as meditation and relationships between people. After all, reflexology is much more than merely “moving along the foot”. It is primarily the energy that arises during sessions between diverse people. And it is precisely that energy, combined with the proper and thoughtful stimulation of individual points on the body, that can lead to harmony and health.

The aim of Modern Reflexology Academy is to promote health in the broad sense of the word. Apart from numerous courses, workshops and meetings, we run a number of charity initiatives to raise awareness about a healthy lifestyle.

Our program is subject to a strict framework and there is no room for boredom. All classes are dynamic and intense. We are demanding, but we treat everyone individually, helping to achieve the envisaged purpose in all possible ways.

Modern Reflexology Academy is not just a company. It is a community and a supportive family that reacts if necessary. Remember – reflexology should restore balance and lead to harmony. Not just by stimulating the reflexes, but also through energy flowing from the heart.

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