Reflexology workshops

Three-day reflexology workshops help to put into perspective the work of a reflexologist and proper stimulation of individual areas on the foot. After each demonstration module, students work in pairs, under the watchful eye of the instructor, who constantly shares his comments, correcting any shortcomings. At the end, everyone shares their insights and can ask questions.

The workshops are addresses to people who have completed the course or who are working as a reflexologist. They cover the entire foot map as well as some meridians on the body. Before classes, we thoroughly discuss the foot map; however, students should already know it before the start of the workshop.

Modern Reflexology Academy® cares for the highest quality of training. We do not leave any question unanswered and we explain all issues until they are made comprehensible. We do this for two reasons. First of all, we treat people as we would like to be treated ourselves. Secondly, all participants whom we have taken under our wing, and who hold our certificate of completion, represent our company. And it is essential that they represent us properly.

Our workshops are not just about “moving” along the foot. The program is complemented with meditation, breathing exercises and various games. We also try to spend our free time together – learning naturally brings us closer. We are a family and we maintain close contacts with each other. We conduct discussions, we go out to pubs or for pizza, and sometimes to parties. And when there is a problem, we look for the best solutions – together.

If you want to know more about our nearest workshops, please use the “Contact” tab.

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