Online courses

Online courses are a great solution for people who, for various reasons, are unable to travel to lectures. The virtual class program is in line with courses conducted in classrooms, but participants can attend from any place in the world.

Modern Reflexology Academy® offers a comprehensive range of online reflexology courses for both beginners and advanced. The training courses cover foot, hand, face and ear reflexology. We also organize auto-reflexology trainings, which teach self-help.

Extracurricular classes are usually held once a week for eight to twelve weeks. All participants meet on Zoom and discusses what they’ve learned during the week. On other days, students receive materials in the form of films, recordings or scripts in pdf format. Throughout the course – and often afterwards – students maintain constant, daily contact with their teacher who provides answers to their questions and helps the course participants in case of any doubts.

In addition to studying, in the spirit of the principle of Modern Reflexology Academy® to create a family atmosphere among all our members, we meet in private whenever possible. This is one of our top priorities. In union, people become more effective.

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