Specialist Reflexology Workshops

In addition to introductory training, Modern Reflexology Academy conducts specialized courses for reflexologists who already have experience in this profession. Extended trainings include energetic and palliative reflexology, as well as mental health support. All trainings are conducted with the mentoring of Fryderyk Rossakowski, on the basis of his original maps, which he developed and published in the book “Foot reflexology road map for tracked movement”.

Beginners’ Workshops include: feet anatomy and physiology, foot reflexology map, principles and directions of moving through reflexes in line with the flow of blood, lymph and energy, proper positioning of all body systems on the feet and methods of stimulating or alleviating their functions and working with energy, helping to restore balance in the body.

Intermediate workshops help to better understand energy disorders in the human body and holistic methods of approaching health. The workshop program presents proprietary methods, developed by Rossakowski, which include: ultrasound and infrared stimulation of deep reflexes, foot compresses and baths, vibration massage of reflexes in the lymphatic system organs (which can provide quick and effective support for the body’s natural ability to restore balance) and stimulating mirror reflexes.

Advanced Workshops is another original program by Frederick Rossakowski, which includes integrated work on receptors located on specific “lines” on the human body, called meridians. The scope of training is extremely broad; in addition to classical human anatomy and physiology, it teaches about the structure of energy and spiritual bodies. The course includes various types of breathing exercises and meditation.

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